Can Debt Collectors Call Your Family Members And Relatives?

You never think you will have to face debt collectors someday until the day arrives. Being in debt is not a fun process. Not only can debt calls be stressful, but embarrassing as well. One thing most people fail to realize is that debt collectors are required to abide by certain rules. For example, they are not legally allowed to contact your family members. 

If they accidentally make contact, such as your family member picking up your phone, then that is not an issue. However, if they contact them directly on their number or email, then that is illegal. If a debt collector is trying to contact your family or threaten you, visit the Website and consult with a lawyer today. 

Can debt collectors call your family members?

The short answer to this is both yes and no. When the collector makes the first call, it should be to you. In case they are unable to get hold of you, then only can they contact your family members. Additionally, there are certain laws regarding what they can say to your family. 

It helps to know that debt collectors can only ask your family about your location or how to locate you but are not allowed to ask them for payments on your behalf of you. Another important thing to note is that debt collectors are only allowed to call your family once, not more than that. The only time they can make another call is if the information given to them initially turns out to be wrong. 

Which family members can the debt collectors contact?

Debt collectors are not allowed to discuss your debt with your family members. However, if they must do, then they are to discuss it with the following members: 

  • Your spouse
  • Your parents, if you are a minor
  • Your guardian or executor, if you have one

How to stop collectors from contacting your family?

Since the ultimate goal of the debt collectors is to collect money from you, the best way to get rid of these calls is to pay them. You can request them to stop contacting your family in writing by sending a letter. Tell them how you plan on paying the debt and if there are certain things you would like to discuss. 

If you have already sent the letter and they still continue to call and threaten your family, they are breaking the law. You can legally report a debt collector for doing this and pursue damages. Consider speaking with a debt collection defense attorney to protect yourself and your family.

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