Must-have Formal Wear in UAE

Everybody’s closet needs a revamping at times. According to the occasion you would add dress pants, maybe some floral dresses for the summer or sweaters for winters. After all, changing your wardrobe is a fun activity. Formalwear especially can be overlooked at times. You buy one nicely fitting evening gown and call it a day. Then as you wear it to a black-tie event, you might horrifyingly realize that your gown is more bridesmaid style. This humiliation is best to steer clear from.

Hence, it is important to realize that every formal event demands its own formalwear. Men can afford to wear a tuxedo everywhere and fit in but for women, it is far more nuanced. So if you are confused about how and where to buy the perfect gowns that do not strain your pockets, keep on reading.

In case you are looking for the perfect formal attire to wear for any occasion, here is the list of must-have formal wear in the UAE.

1- Sequined dresses for a black-tie event

The first requirement of a dress for a black-tie event is that it must be floor length. You can choose between a form-fitting dress that flaunts your silhouette or a gorgeous A-line dress. In these occasions you are allowed to go ham on the glam. The more sequined your dress is, the better! On Namshi, you can find the most stunning bejeweled dresses. These are available exclusively and from all brands you can think of; Ella offers shimmery dresses and Amelia Rose brings you mesh tiered dresses. All of these can be purchased at the cheapest price possible if you use these Namshi discount codes!

2- Floral frocks for an outdoor formal event

One mistake people make is misjudge an outdoor formal event and purchase mini or casual dresses. Then they stick out like a sore thumb at the event. You can still keep it chic and formal without going over-the-top. Little Mistress on Namshi offers dresses like the floral print sweetheart neck dress or the red floral tiered midaxi, both equally gorgeous without lowering the formality.

Closet offers a beautiful silk dress in maroon and Chi Chi London brings you a ruffle detail dress. All of these options will bewitch you but keep the formality of the event in mind, and you won’t have any trouble!

3- Prom dresses for a white-tie event

Here’s a bonus tidbit: a white-tie event means you can reuse that prom dress you spent your year’s savings on to buy. Even better if it is a ball gown! In a white-tie event, trust no one will judge you for going over and beyond because that is exactly what this event asks for. In case you rented your prom dress, Namshi is here to help.

Fashion Trends by Suzy Matar has this marvelous embellished mesh detail dress which is a sight for sore eyes. Since Namshi is inclusive of all sizes, shapes and weights, don’t worry about not finding a dress that will fit you. This lace detail pleated dress by Anaya with Love will make any big girl feel like the most beautiful woman in a room.

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